NutriBuddy Review*

I was gifted with The Weightloss Kit by NutriBuddy. NutriBuddy have made healthy, weight-loss products for men and women to help with their health goals.

I will be honest, in the past I didn’t like protein powders, as they would make my stomach bloat. Also, if I bought “chocolate” flavour it wouldn’t taste like chocolate and had a powdered consistency…

But boy OH boy, I did not know what I was missing out on until I tried the NutriBuddy Chocolate blend. I blended mine with almond milk (but tastes just as good with water), and it actually tasted like chocolate, and satisfied my  chocolate cravings. Believe you me, it tastes like chocolate milkshake! Seriously, instead of picking up a bar of chocolate, this drink defo hit the spot.

I loved the fact that the kit came with a bottle and a metal ball to help blend the product into the liquid. It is a savour!


The kit also comes with Hunger Fix tablets,  capsules which  effectively stopped my hunger cravings. This is because it has glucomannan (clinically proven to help you lose weight via appetite suppression). You take 1 tablet with  1-2 full glasses of water, 15 mins – 1 hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner (3 tablets per day).

I realised that after the consumption of these mighty tablets, I did not eat as much as I would previously.


The incredible kit includes multi vits too. The health benefits are incredible, I realised that my skin started looking better. Also, additional ingredients help with weight-loss by boosting  fat burn. You only take 1 a day.


Last, but not least, a recipe book was provided, they included yummy recipes (which I haven’t tried yet, but I will in the near future)


The best aspect about NutriBuddy is that you can also get these products individually, just visit their website on to see the price lists of the kit and individual items.

In terms of the results, I was extremely impressed, in the two weeks I consumed the shake (as a snack) in combination with a healthy diet, I lost 6 pounds! I could not believe it & this was without working out.

I cannot urge you enough, these products are the only ones you should be buying. Plus they are gluten-free…bonus! Nutribuddy have Instagram account, and loads of other consumers have experienced the advantages of the products (see below):


I only blog about products that have worked for me. This is NOT a fad and I really urge you to try it. You will ditch you current protein powders and tablets for these babies.

Have you tried NutriBuddy? Did they work for you? Tag #basibeauty or comment below!

Kimren xo

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