Chrome Mirror Nails Trend

Hello all,

So… chrome/mirror nails are a BIG thing at the moment. I was invited to see Clare who owns Glamour’us Nails & Beauty Salon -the best nail bar ever. I was excited about the new trend that is blowing up Instagram at the moment.



This look was achieved by Clare wiping highly pigmented silver glitter across my nails, with a black gel base coat, until the nail began to reflect light- it is seriously hypnotising to watch!
I then went shopping in Selfridges (Birmingham) and received SO many compliments from the sales advisors, I am unsure which nail bars are offering this except Clare so get yourself booked in!
They cost £20 and you can book by calling 07527 265832. Alternatively, visit the Facebook link.
NB: If you work with me, DM me on my Instagram (KimrenB) and I’ll tell you the special word to get 10% off 😘. Outfit deets are tagged on my Insta my loves.
I also found so many items that are being sold that complimented the nails perfectly such as these shoes from Topshop.



I think the best match for my nails are these Jimmy Choo shoes I tried on: What do you all think? Who wants to buy them for me 😉 ?

What do you all think to the chrome mirror nail trend? Will you be getting your nails like these? Let me know!

Kimren xo

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