Glasses Shop Eye Glasses Review*

Hello all!

Happy Friday. Apologies for not being able to blog regularly but I am writing a thesis at the moment with a strict deadline.

Anyway… no thesis talk. I decided to get the chop, 8 inches off to be exact. What do you guys think? I haven’t had my hair this short for years!

I have also been wearing my Glasses Shop Eye Glasses I received. They are Glasses online, whereby you can pick cheap glasses that are quality made. The online shop allows you to select the type of frames you are looking for, in my case I like big glasses, small glasses don’t suit me as I have a round chubby-cheeked face.


And I tell you what… I spent over £300 on my Jimmy Choo glasses and these beat them by far. I do like some bling on my glasses, hence the small diamante piece on the arm is perfect for me.  The glasses that I am wearing are the Virgo WayFarer. They are extremely light, durable and comfortable made with superior acetate material. Moreover, The Glasses Shop also do prescription sunglasses.




The best thing is, I have been given a code to allow you love readers to get 50% off. YES! 50%! Such a bargain. This means you can get it off eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses(sale frames excluded): GSHOT50.

What do you all think to my glasses? Would you purchase these Glasses from the Glasses Shop? I would love to know!

Kimren xo

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