Review of Delilah’s Jewels and OOTN

Hello all,

So before I kick off this post. My website has changed and I am now self-hosted!! I am so so  SO happy. I am making changes to the layout in the next few days but was urging to write this post for you all.

Today I thought to write a review on Delilah’s Jewels – a statement jewellery boutique. I am the type of person who loves to look different to everyone else. I love unique pieces and I am known to be unique in terms of my fashion sense and beauty.

I follow Delilah’s jewels on Instagram and immediately fell in love with the Skye Necklace.

What I love most is that it is beautifully packaged and includes a personal note- which makes it even more special and bespoke to any other jewellery boutique.


Not only this but it’s an amazing price for the quality. See the videos below to see the stunning shine to them.

In terms of the OOTN see below for details:

Skye Necklace.




Every girl needs a statement necklace, it can turn a day outfit into a night outfit in a click of a finger. Delilah’s jewels are doing extremely well. Recently Delilah’s Jewels has started to sell jewellery for men (DDR Men’s Accessories)…so boys please check it out.

Also Happy 1st Birthday to Delilahs’s Jewels … Today you get shipping and postage for free, so get shopping !!

Here are the links to check out the jewellery:



ASOS Marketplace

Sunnie I wish you all the success with the business & I will definitely be buy more pieces.

Will you be checking out the website? What are your favourite pieces? I’d love to hear from you.

Kimren xo



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