Bullshead Repton Review

If we are celebrating anything within the family and want to eat out, we usually go to an Indian restaurant. But this time I wanted to go somewhere different. My good friend Kanika and others have raved on about how good Bullshead is. A month ago I visited with a friend and well… I loved it! I just knew I wanted to celebrate my 25th birthday there. This review breaks it down into four areas: interior, service and food.

So first the interior
I booked a table for 5 in the garden room which is like a fairy-tale like enchanted forest. It looks so different to other pubs and it looks really pretty. They have the decorations down to the T from fairy lights,  candles, cascading trees…it creates a lovely ambience. In the evening the lights are dark, the only issue we had was that my dad found it hard to read the menu. I also tried to take photos on my phone but wouldn’t photograph properly in the low-light. But to give you an idea here are some pictures from Katy Janes Kitchen blog (below). I give the interior a 4.5/5

The service was excellent. I couldn’t see the waitress’s name badge but she was amazing. The employers are very attentive to the customers needs. They ensure everything is OK and in between courses they provided us with a complimentary lemon sorbet in a frozen lemon half which was delicious!

Also when I booked the table I said it was for my 25th, to my surprise at the end of the meal I was provided with a board with chocolate icecream wishing me a happy 25th- this was SO thoughtful and considerate and I cannot thankyou all enough for doing that for me!! There were balloons on the table too. I would rate the service a 5/5.

So before I discuss the food,the drink I ordered was the lemonade which came with lemon sorbet(made onsite) and I requested a cheeky shot of vodka. I cannot tell you how yummy it was! It was like a dessert! So refreshing and I couldn’t even taste the alcohol- what a bonus! I would recommend anyone to get this drink:

So on to the food… they have something called yakitori sticks (aka skewered sticks), different types were ordered to share as a starter. From left to right I ordered the tiger prawns + chilli and garlic butter, grilled salmon and rocket pesto, fillet steak + mustard mayo and two sticks of the cajun chicken + sour cream & chive. The cajun chicken is nice and spicy. I was amazed with the fillet of beef as I’ve always had it well-done but this yakitori stick was made medium rare it was “melt in the mouth”… so darn good. The salmon was cooked to perfection and the butter on the prawns were moreish.

Now the mains at Bullshead are huge. I advised my family on the portion sizes and we took it into consideration. My sister and I shared a pizza. We did half half for the pizza I chose St Lucia (left of picture) (Pulled pork + homemade jerk sauce + sweetcorn + spring onions + chillies + peppers + Bulls Head tomato sauce + mozzarella) and my sister chose New Orleans (chicken breast + hot cajun spices + spinach + mushrooms + sour cream + sweet chilli sauce + mozzarella + Bulls Head tomato sauce) :

 My parents ordered the Fish and Chips:

My brother ordered the Char-grilled cajun chicken burger – grilled bacon + sour cream + melting brie cheese + greenleaves +and upgraded the “real chips” to posh chips with parmesan & truffle oil. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture, my brother dived straight in before I could get one!

We shared out the food, I prefered the New Orleans pizza, the fish was divine so crunchy and not oily. My brother couldn’t manage his burger but said it was delicious especially with the brie.

The posh chips were so different. It’s quite hard to describe, it’s different to anything I’ve tried before.

The only disadvnatge was my sister and I weren’t provided with plates/pizza cutter so it was difficult to eat the pizza however I rate the food 5/5.

My Dad is usually the person who doesn’t like pub/restaurant food and is hard to please. But to my surprise yesterday he asked if I can book Bullshead for his birthday in November! Bullshead was a winner with the family. We thank-you so much for the excellent service, drinks and food. We look forward to seeing you again!
Guys, I really urge you to visit Bullshead …. you won’t be dissapointed.
Kimren xo

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma B says:

    I love The BullsHead, it's our go to place for any occasions too! I have eaten the cajun chicken a couple of times, but my favourite is their steak!


  2. Kimren Basi says:

    I know right!! The steak is lovely. I've always been anxious to try it incase I didn't like it, but Bullshead make it perfectly :)!


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